Sunday, 5 July 2015

Chile's long wait is over

Chile beat Argentina in the final of the Copa America 2k15 in penalties (4-1) and Alexis Sanchez scored the winning penalty for Chile ! Messi you will get your hands on a trophy with Argentina some day. The best team, the undisputed team of the tournament won the trophy in the end. Well played Argentina, it was just not your day today. In a stadium so entrenched in the nation's past it almost drips from the creaking rafters, a new chapter was written into its history. For the first time Chile have won the Copa America in their history ! Vargas and Geurrero are the top scorers of the tournament, Vidal the man of the final, Jason Murillo-Relavation,  Bravo has got the golden glove for a second straight time in the Copa America and Fair Play award for Peru.
What a Night ! a thrilling end to an absolute fantastic tournament